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The Rundown on Pairing Wine with Cheese and You

Wine and cheese, cheese and wine.  Everyone has an opinion on how to dine with cheese and wine.  This is a topic about which much has been written and much has been said, no doubt because cheese is an incredibly flexible food that fits in almost anywhere in the day or meal plan.

Although no list can be exhaustive, I thought it would be fun to run down a list of articles that talk about cheese, cheese and wine, and how we can enjoy our favorite foods.  Of course, everyone has a slightly different taste to suit and you should not assume that I necessarily agree with all these recommendations.  In fact you should feel no shame in the pleasure you feel with your own favorite combinations.

For a simple introduction I thought this article about queso and wine would suffice.  When you talk about queso you are obviously talking about a Spanish or Mexican cheese.  But the American food industry has co-opted the queso meme and I think some quesos are really just American foods.

If you want a quick, simple guide to planning a meal with wine and cheese, I just may have the thing for you.  Nora Singley wrote this great article outlining what you need.  She presents simplicity as an elegance and with a stylish grace.

But if you are feeling more ambitious or if you are inspired by the simplicity above, you may want to consider throwing a party.  Yes, a classic wine and cheese party is a great way to bring friends together for an afternoon or evening.

Pairing wine with cheese is, as I alluded to above, more about personal taste than about rules and guidelines.  Some people prefer red wine with cheese and some people prefer white wine with cheese.  You can learn about pairing cheese with wine but beware all lists of dos and don’ts.  It is best if you experiment for yourself and leave options open for others.

Here is another guide to wine and cheese pairing.  It’s not just about pairing the right wine with the right cheese.  The articles go into choosing fine wines and cheeses, as well as presentation.

Besides dinner parties and intimate evenings of romance, what else can we do with wine and cheese?  I was quite impressed with this article from Brides recommending a wine and cheese reception.  You can serve grape juice for the kids and complement the cheese selection with some other finger foods.

Oh, before I forget, there are some witty writers who recognize the need to temper our passions about which color wine goes best with cheese.  You cannot be blamed for your confusion because all the experts have failed to settle on a perfect explanation.

Returning  to the meal plan channel, here is another good article that offers tips on setting up a meal around wine and cheese.  It’s a simple tray plan and that works in a lot of different environments.

And that is my incomplete list of good resources about wine and cheese.  I know it could be much longer but even the most passionate among us must eventually move on to something else.